The best way to get to Rod N Reel Pier you ask…. In the stylish Polaris GEM Car, of course!  These gals had a great time cruising the north end of Anna Maria Island and even stopped for lunch at the infamous Rod N Reel Pier. You can read more about the pier and its restaurant below.

Golf Cart on Anna Maria Island

            Exploring Anna Maria Island

“Anna Maria Island has become an easy traveler’s paradise. Tucked away from the vibrant urban sprawl of Sarasota and nearby Bradenton, it’s the perfect place for an off-the-beaten-path adventure.

Anna Maria Island treasures quiet lunches, coastal wildlife, and wide stretches of beach, for those craving a little bit of “Old Florida”, where the South meets the tropical beach.

Anna Maria Island has some incredible locally owned restaurants to suit the sit-back-and-relax lifestyle you’ll adopt while on your island vacation.

The Rod and Reel Pier, one of the most renowned Anna Maria Island restaurants, is a celebration of all that makes Florida historically rich and loved by so many.

Head to the northern part of Anna Maria Island to spend an afternoon having lunch on the water at this casual joint.”